Carrarospray News: New 3 pt. mounted mist blower NPA ECOLOGICAL
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> New 3 pt. mounted mist blower NPA ECOLOGICAL [24-10-2007]
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New 3 pt. mounted mist blower NPA ECOLOGICAL
npa ecological

Provided of panels with recovery system the novelty is recommended for vineyards wher
The recovery system limits the dispersion of the mixture in the surrounding environment and in the ground. The liquid recuperates return to the main tank, thanks to the suction system of the injector mounted on the top of the tank, which recuperates the liquid from the bottom of the panels to the main tank.
The distribution of the fog to the plants is made by air tube, which spray air and mixture to the plants with the principle face to face to be sure to pass all the plants. The distribution is provided of anti-drip device. The last tests in France have given results that are above our expectations and they received consensus from many operators.

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